What I’m working on

So you want to know more about my projects?

Truth be told if I say I’ve got an idea in my head, it usually means I have around ten. It doesn’t mean they’re any good, but I will be the first to admit I’m a serial dreamer. I love to play what if, imagine when and think about this. Sometimes though, one or two ideas are better than the rest. Perhaps they’re more achievable instead of flying cars or an iron man suit (although if you had the second, why would you need the first?), or perhaps I find them more appealing and motivating than others.

Regardless of why, these kinds of ideas sometimes get to turned into projects and only recently have I started to truly take pride in what I’m working on instead of shying away like I used to. Below is a more in-depth write up of all the projects I’m currently involved in and why I’m doing what I’m doing.


SEO Start Up

I’ve always loved the internet. It’s a way to get access to a wide range of information quickly and freely. While this would usually end up with me binging on information for a few hours instead of doing an assignment or report, the overall experience was empowering and positive. I then decided I wanted to make my own and sure enough at the sweet old age of 18 I started a personal development blog on blogger. I was interested in writing for a living, talking about the things I loved the most and ideally being paid to learn and explain things!

Well one site became two and then three. None of them worked out long term but that’s the way life works. Nowadays I again have a few websites I’m currently working on to develop into new brands but along the way I realised I really enjoyed looking at websites and figuring out what they could do to improve their overall user experience and achieve a higher level of success.

After toying with the idea for sometime, I met a friend and we’ve decided to go into business together and we’re now in the final stages of the start up which is incredibly exciting really! The goal right now is to land our first paying clients but long term I would love to see the development of a world class digital and media branding company based in my city. To have offices and people happy to come to work and create value for others is exciting!

This is my main focus outside of University as it’s quicker for results and will teach me a lot about everything SEO/SMM and Branding Online.

So what am I working on? – Small SEO/Digital Marketing firm.

Why? – I think I can provide a very good service for local businesses and provide more value for money in the form of other skill sets like SMM, Brand Management and Content Creation.

Progress? – Final Stages of setting up the business and website. We will be operating before the end of the month.



Your Earthquake Perspective

When the first Earthquake hit, it was mostly adrenaline before a huge wave of confusion when I couldn’t figure out what certain phrases or keywords meant, why certain measurements were more important than others and most importantly of all, I couldn’t figure out if we were going to be okay.

Since then, I have spent time learning about earthquakes and providing a service on Reddit of breaking down everything from large earthquakes to airplane crashes in Russia. What was initially a solution for both myself and other people to figure out what happens after a quake quickly took on a life of it’s own. I must admit, the first time you see a meme created about you is quite a surreal experience.

I initially didn’t want to reveal myself in fear that it might introduce possible difficulties or problems that I don’t think anybody wants. I’ve decided to change that as I wanted to be as honest as possible in this blog and in another project I’m working on, but more on that in a moment!

Right now I’m working on this in my spare time. Due to the recent 6.9’s and 6.7’s, I will endeavour to really make progress and publish the site even if it isn’t done in my head.

What am I working on? – A website for all things The Earthquake Guy, where reports and guides can be created to provide readers from around the world an unbiased and straight forward view point on how to prepare, survive and recover from quakes. Perhaps there will be room for something else too!

Why? – A lot of mainstream media have taken to juicing up articles to make people either excited or devastated as these are the drivers of their ad campaign. I want to provide an honest, unbiased viewpoint that many wouldn’t otherwise get to see!

Progress – Right now I’ve been caught up with Uni and SEO, but I have been continuing to grow the FB page and more, The good news is that there is positive growth and overall, nothing bad has happened!



Now not quite as important as say a guide for people to learn how to survive earthquakes or how to improve their online platform but I’ve found something magical about taking photos! I’ve recently invested in a very nice camera that performs really really well!

Check me out!



Personal Development Projects

Only recently have I realised how much I missed actively discussing Personal Development. Right now the project is just something in my head, so even though I did promise to give more details, right now there are none to give!

As soon as I have finalised my ideas about this possibility, I will update and let you all in on what I plan to do next!




Thank you so much for reading!

I hope this is the information you’re looking for and that it’s helped you get a better insight into I am,