Mastery Projects!

As mentioned today, I’m starting a Mastery Project on Determination. I’m not sure if it will become a regular thing I do, i.e. pick a topic and learn as much as I can about it as possible, but personally I hope it will. Right now however I’m working on the following, with some honourable mentions included. First though, it’s important to come up with a set of limitations, as to force my hand and make sure I’m making progress.

The Rules!

  1. Spend a single week learning as much as you can about the topic in your spare time.
  2. Use a multitude of sources, including books, film and video, and interviews.
  3. Define a series of learning objectives/goals.
  4. Post daily to the project to cover what you’ve learnt in that day.

These four guidelines/rules should really contribute to the overall quality of the research and report. They may change, but I will definitely make mention of the change and the reason why, if not for me in the future to look back upon.

The Mastery Projects

Determination Project

The first of the projects that I’m working on. I want to learn as much as I can about determination and understand how to develop it, strengthen it and maintain such a high level of determination, converting motivation to action and becoming better.


Story Telling

One of my biggest weaknesses I find is my lack of ability to tell a cohesive story that really is interesting. Perhaps it’s partly due to my not so exciting lifestyle, but I definitely think my deliveries could be improved. So I want to spent some time learning how best to tell a story or recall something I was told.



This is a big one. Habits make up everything that we do and we’ve evolved to naturally form them, which can be as detrimental and beneficial in some forms. Something that I definitely want to understand more about and possibly something I’ll spend more than a week on!



Something that I’ve been wanting to learn about for a long time, but even more now. After meeting people who seem to know everyone, I want to learn how to build a strong, inner circle of trusted individuals who motivate you to be the best, as well as a larger outer network of exciting fun people who you bring value to, and who bring value to you.


At the end of the day I decided to give the name Mastery Projects to these. Perhaps in the future I will come up with something much cooler, but for now, there’s something about that name that makes me content. Happy even.

Here’s to a new Mastery Project!