Casey Neistat, Tesla and Disruption in Life

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Pre-Neistat Era

Daily vlogging used to be a lot of nothing. Sure there were the travel vloggers who really tried to put adventure into their lives and make quite good amateur videos. They tried to incorporate experiences as much as they could into their lives and really create valuable content for the viewer and it worked.

For a while.

Then came the importance of owning a brand, managing it and many couldn’t manage to do that and continue with the amount of adventure and excitement many people had grown used to. The term laptop club started to become a thing at no fault of their own. It was something that needed to get done and after all, the life of a daily vlogger is hard, especially if you’re letting viewers into your life every single day.

It was odd, many viewers including myself had watched these individuals to experience something different than our day to day lives and now it felt all too familiar. There were uncomfortable parallels of watching people work on laptops or similar devices while watching them through a laptop and similar devices.

Things got stale pretty fast.

Enter Casey F*cking Neistat

On the 24th of March, 2015, Casey Neistat began daily vlogging. It was a departure from his usual viral videos and exciting, and atypical advertisements, but he mentioned it as a challenge to force himself to make a new video every single day. The idea was to force creativity and continue to push his own abilities. It wasn’t for money, fame or anything else.

It was solely about a personal challenge to himself.

What followed was numerous tv style shots, technology upgrades and a substantial improvement in the quality in both a technical and story telling style. Since then he has gone on to become some what of a disruptive force of youtube. The old daily vlogging game no longer flies and instead, you have to be pushing yourself constantly to incorporate new and exciting forms of story telling.

We see this in the growing use of drones, exciting trips and adventures and the use of graphics and other story telling tools within these vlogs. They’ve evolved from being a journal of someone’s life to a narrative that is contributed to by the entire community through comments, mail and more.

If you’re an avid watcher of vlogs, consider the change in style and quality made by these individuals over the last year. You won’t be surprised by the results as this is what happens whenever a disruptive force enters the market. Don’t take my word for it though, let’s look at a bigger and more world changing example.

Tesla and the 3

Anyone who knows me knows I look up to Musk and what he and his incredible teams have been able to achieve with Tesla, SpaceX and SolarCity. The biggest success so far though has easily been the incredible launch of the Model 3 over the past week. With over 250k worth of preorders for a car that is closer to two years away than one, this is one of the biggest disruptions to hit the auto industry.

Not only is an electric car competing with the current offerings of current petrol cars, it’s winning the battle and it’s not even in production yet.

The Power of Disruption

You might be thinking it’s too early to declare a winner and usually I’d agree with you. This time however, it’s different. Tesla is winning by changing the mindset of both the consumer and the producers. Many modern manufacturers now are working towards bringing a mass production, efficient electric vehicle to market.

The reason Tesla was able to experience this success comes down to the fact that the industry had grown tired and fat. Nobody was making substantial progress, instead making typical incremental improvements which in turn left them open to innovative disruption and Tesla is doing just that. With the Gigafactory in battery production, the automation in the Fremont factory in general production and of course the now world famous Tesla Autopilot.

According to Musk, there’s still a lot of cow bells to come yet!

So what am I trying to say here?

Disruption is fundamental to success.

It’s not a comfortable process. If you look up what Musk says about entrepreneurship, especially starting up a rocket company and car company at the same time, you’d be surprised such words came from someone so successful. He said;

Being an entrepreneur is like chewing glass and staring into the abyss of death.

Yet without doing what was uncomfortable and extremely difficult at the time, he would not have experienced the change and success that has made him into an industry titan respected the world over. He wouldn’t have been able to attract the most incredible talent to his companies by sitting down and not choosing the difficult journey.

Casey Neistat could have kept making ads and films and easily become more industry famous than before, but he chose to challenge himself and push himself. There are many vlogs that end at 4am because he’s still editing with the next vlog then starting within a few hours. This work ethic and demand for greatness is something that seems to be synonymous among most, if not all world and business leaders.

So for you and I? We need to start acting more like Casey and Elon. We need to start challenging the norm and make ourselves uncomfortable. Now I’m not saying move to NYC and start a film career, nor am I saying start an electric car company while mortgaging your house. Instead I’m saying challenge yourself and run that extra km, wake up that hour earlier, take that cold shower.

Challenge yourself and follow through. Dedication is just as important as Disruption but that’s another story.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!